Long Range Development


The following projects are contained within the adopted FY2017-2022 Capital Improvements Program (CIP), either under design and/or construction, with completion scheduled sometime in FY2020 through FY2022.

Old National Pike District Park Phase 2

Development will include construction of facilities in the center of the park such as picnic shelters, basketball courts, tennis courts, athletic fields, athletic field lighting, playgrounds, volleyball courts, restrooms, an amphitheater, roads and parking.

Point of Rocks Regional Park Master Plan

A site was acquired in 2010. The purpose of a Master Plan is to create a long-range comprehensive vision for the park to be used as a guide to future development. During the master planning process, the site is considered in the context of the surrounding neighborhood, as well as one park of many within the Frederick County Parks and Recreation system. When approved, this document will serve as a long-term decision making tool to be referred to during future design and construction projects.

Ballenger Creek Park Maintenance Area & Widrick House Rehabilitation

Adjacent to Ballenger Creek Park, the George Widrick House was acquired in 2010. The house, which was built circa 1795, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service. Parks and Recreation staff has researched and explored potential uses of the property, which would include renting the house and surrounding property as an event facility. In addition, this project will look at rehabilitation of the nearby Park Maintenance Building and Yard, to accommodate potential offices for Parks and Recreation operations staff, additional space for equipment and material storage, restroom facilities and event parking. In order to determine the best use of the house and site, a concept study will need to be completed prior to design and construction and to ascertain cost estimates for future CIP requests.

Bridgeport Monocacy River Access

The Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation is partnering with the Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks to develop a public river access in the area of the new Route 140 Bridge over the Monocacy River. Due to the limited vehicular access to this site, a seven (7) acre parcel was purchased adjacent to the bridge site, using POS Acquisition funding from both Counties. Both County agencies are currently looking into potential grant funding for master planning, design and construction of a river access at this site. Because of this, any required matching County funds will need to be scheduled in the appropriate fiscal year. Funding for developing a Park Master Plan is requested in FY2022. Development of this river access park will include an entrance off of Bridgeport Road, roadway, parking, picnic area, bulletin board, portable restroom enclosure, concrete ramp to river for carry-in boat launch, ADA accessible access for fishing, guardrail, appropriate park signage, and landscaping. In addition to these facilities, Parks and Recreation staff will also investigate the feasibility of adding a picnic shelter, a small playground, as well as a vaulted restroom. Since a majority of the property is in the 100-year flood plain, all improvements to the site will need to be reviewed by the Zoning Administrator prior to any approval of the master plan.

Bikeways / Trails Program

The initial phase of the Bikeways/Trails Program involves the development of the Ballenger Creek Corridor. Subsequent sites will involve trail development in corridors identified in the Frederick County Bikeways and Trail Plan. In this CIP request, the County would be scheduling alternating design and construction funding years from FY2018 to FY2020. In the future, funding may be needed for trail acquisition or easements. It is anticipated that County construction funds can be matched with 50/50 matching grants from the Federal Transportation Enhancement Grant Program (TEP) for development phases.


Future park sites will be determined based on availability which includes the following locations as indicated in the adopted FY2017-2022 CIP: Emmitsburg / Thurmont Area Regional Park, New Market / Spring Ridge Area Community Park, Green Valley / Monrovia Area Community Park. Refer to the Park Acquisition section for additional information.