Medical Professionals

Volunteer for an Endorsed Special Event

At these events Doctors like yourself will congregate in a “Doc’s in the Park Zone” where they will partner with our staff by participating and encouraging others in various activities or programs. The presence of Doctors, who will be wearing official “docs in the park” shirts, and participating or involved with the program will demonstrate to participants that this activity is healthy.

Promote & Encourage the Docs in the Park Program

If you are interested in partnering, please contact Carrie Sprinkle at 301-600-1666 or via email.

Encouraging Participation

A “Parkscription” will encourage your clients to visit facilities and/or attend programs in Frederick County or Frederick city. This simple gesture may encourage a family to get involved in a passive park experience together, create a healthy lifestyle habit by attending a fitness class, or learn something new at a nature park or cooking class.