Wetlands Ecology

Students get a chance to discover the wetlands at Fountain Rock Park with this hands-on program! After a short discussion on wetlands, students use dipping nets to catch crayfish, minnows, and other critters from Glade Creek. Students will examine the aquatic specimens caught during the creek study and discuss the interactions, competition, and environmental factors of each. The best time for this program is from May through October and is limited to 25 students. Children should wear socks and be prepared to get wet (teachers and adult volunteers included).

Program Details

  • Program length: 90 minutes
  • Minimum: 10
  • Maximum:50 (with rotating stations of 25 per 2 groups)
  • Chaperones required: 1 chaperone per 15 students
  • Cost: $4.50 per person

Maryland State Curriculum

  • SC.300.10.02a, .02b
  • SC.300.30.05
  • SC.300.60

Maryland Environmental Literacy Curriculum

  • Standard 3: Topic A, Indicator 1; Topic C, Indicator 1
  • Standard 4: Topic A, Indicator 1; Topic C, Indicator 1; Topic E, Indicator
  • Activities from Project WET will be incorporated in inclement weather