Nature Travels

After School Program for Various Age Groups

This program is designed for after school audiences and can be catered to various age groups. One day per week (for 4 sessions), our Nature Program Instructor will come to your school and present a unique course that explores the natural world.

Week 1: Botany & Bugs*

Explore the world of bugs and plants -they have a serious chemical attraction! See some of our Nature Center Insects in action.

Week 2: Amphibians in the Watershed*

Frogs and Toads can tell you a lot about your local watershed. We will investigate both in this program through games and activities you’ll be sure to remember!

Week 3: Migration Mayhem

Discover where all the birds have gone and the amazing ways they find their way back. Pretend to be a bird making its way through the dangers of the wild –could you survive?

Week 4: Animal Identification*

Learn how to identify animals using there bones, fur, or even scat! We will even visit with some of our Nature Center reptiles.

*Indicates a class that includes live animals

If you are interested in having our Park Naturalist travel to your school, give us a call and ask about our Nature Travels Program! 301-600-1646