Rose Hill Manor Park & Museums

Know Your Home & Community

Cubs will visit Rose Hill Manor and discover why historic locations are an important part of our communities. 

Play a Game

Learn about and enjoy playing some historic games such as ring toss and marbles. We'll make our own ring toss game set to take home. 

Ballenger Creek Community Building-Teaching Kitchen

Cooking & Eating

Activities for this badge include learning about the food pyramid, planning and helping to fix a meal for your family, helping them prepare the table and help clean up. Scouts will also fix their own breakfast and help with planning.

Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center / Catoctin Creek Park & Nature Center

Paws on the Path

This adventure helps develop hiking skills and learn more about the natural world that’s around you. Scouts will review the buddy system, The Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principles. (ALL requirements will be completed, 1-8)

Digging in the Past

Wolves will learn about dinosaurs and understand how fossils are formed. Scouts will be able to create their own dinosaur, as well as make a plaster cast of a fossil to take home with them. (ALL requirements completed, 1-4) 

Finding Your Way

Maps and compasses are tools that have helped travelers for hundreds of years know if they are headed in the right direction. In this adventure, you will learn to read maps and use one on a hike. (ALL requirements will be completed, 1-4)