Ground Rentals / Weddings

Ground Rentals / Weddings

Rose Hill offers 4 outdoor areas for rent for your next outdoor celebration. From family reunions to weddings the grounds of Rose Hill Manor provide a unique and beautiful location for large or small celebrations.


View the Rose Hill Map (PDF)

Requesting a Reservation

  1. Read the Rose Hill Manor Park Grounds Use Information.
  2. Print the following forms and mail or fax to:
    Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation
    355 Montevue Lane, Suite 100
    Frederick, MD 21702
  3. Fax: 301-600-2595
Facility Reservations can be made one year in advance of the desired reservation date.
For more information please contact us at 301-600-1646.



Area Fee Out-of-County Fee
Historic / Garden Area
West Field
East Field
Wedding Information