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Teacher Resources

Tour Length

  • All school tours are 1.5 hours in length
  • Pre-K Tours will be limited to 1 hour


Parent Resources

Rose Hill Manor provides a variety of family friendly events, as well as programs for various age groups.

Toys of the Past

In the past many toys were handmade from materials such as cloth and wood. Parents often created toys for their children from recycled materials such as old clothing or scraps of lumber. Handmade toys ranged from dolls to rocking horses. Try making a handkerchief doll with your child (View instructions online).
Game Time

Games are a great way for families to spend time together. Children in the past often spent time playing games both indoors and out with siblings and friends. Discover some of the games children played in the past with this word search. Make tonight a family game night and play some of these games with your kids.

W is for Wool

Learn about wool and its use in early America then create your own dyed wool (View instructions online).

Just For Fun