Honorable Coaches Alliance


As volunteer representatives of FCPR Youth Leagues, we strive to promote sportsmanship in a fun & safe environment through sharing of ideas, leading by positive examples, and communicating amongst the FCPR community at large.

The Honorable Coaches Alliance is comprised of league representatives, advisors, liaisons, positive role models and volunteers. The objectives of the Alliance are to teach skills, teamwork and sportsmanship, improve the quality of coaching and to have fun! Our approach to coaching is positive communication, leadership, sharing ideas and leading by example.

Join the HCA

Criteria to be considered for the HCA (along with the HCA Agreement):
  • Have coached for multiple sessions in a Parks and Rec League
  • Have proven themselves to be consistently reliable (shows up on time, true to their word)
  • Consistently willing to go above and beyond in displaying sportsmanship to all on and off the field
If you are an "Honorable Coach" interested in joining the HCA, please contact Keith Tapley via email or by calling 301-600-1784


The Honorable Coaches Alliance meets quarterly. The next meeting will be in June.

Meeting Minutes/Notes

March 2017
June 2017

Honorable Coaches Alliance

Current Staff Members

  • Keith Tapley - Flag Football
  • Chris Krogh - Volleyball and Indoor Soccer
  • Phil Kefauver - Soccer and Baseball

Current Volunteer Members

  • Dave Sherwood - Flag Football Coach
  • Pat Goins - Flag Football Coach
  • Debbie Glass - Middle School Volleyball Coach
  • Jeff Maurer - Varsity Soccer Coach
  • Analiese Kennedy - Varsity Soccer Coach
  • Steve Barber - Juniors Soccer Coach
  • Jay Martinez - Sprouts Soccer Coach
  • Bobby Mongulluzzo - Coach Pitch Baseball Coach