Body & Soul

Get it all done in one well-balanced workout. Start off with 30 minutes of a variety of cardio routines, combined with 30 minutes of strength work, Pilates, and stretching! All taught to music that will lift your soul. Please bring is a pair of 5-pound weights.
Ashley P.

Instructor: Ashley Pietryka

"Hi! My name is Ashley Pietryka and I've been an athlete and exercise enthusiast my entire life! I grew up playing soccer, basketball, and dancing and went on to play tennis in college at Towson University. After graduating, I began attending exercise classes at the gym to stay in shape. I enjoy working out with other people because it is motivating! You can feed off of each others energy! And often push yourself harder than you would working out alone. I loved attending group fitness classes so much, I thought, I might as well teach them. So I did!

I have been teaching various exercise classes for the past nine years. I previously taught a BOSU class in Baltimore, taught dance classes to elementary aged students, and am currently teaching Body and Soul classes which I have loved teaching for the past four years. Most people aren't familiar with Body and Soul class, but it is a combination of all sorts of cardio exercises all choreographed to music. It does have some dance incorporated into some of the tracks, but most movements are super simple to pick up. There is also a strength, abs, toning and stretching track where we lift anywhere from 3-10 pounds in sets to music, which makes it fun! The soul part of the class comes from the music that is selected is a wide range of Christian music. I love Body and Soul because it is a one-stop shop for everything you need that makes you and your body feel good and strong! I have taken many classes in the past that I have enjoyed such as, Body Attack, Barre, Body Pump, Zumba, and I feel as though Body and Soul has similar pieces of each of these awesome workouts all in one class. I hope you stop in for a class!" 

Favorite workout song: Stronger, Kanye West
Favorite cheat food: Do I have to pick just one??? Cheese! Wine! Carbs!