Fitness Rebels

Fitness Rebels is a 45-minute workout plan that will have you burning fat, improving cardiovascular endurance as well as building muscular strength and endurance. This program is held outdoors, weather permitting.
Rilee Higgins

Instructor: Rilee Higgins

"Hi there! My name is Rilee Higgins. I am a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and Beachbody health and fitness coach. I am also a mom to a 4 year old boy who keeps me on my toes at all times! Over 3 years ago, I decided that I wanted to change more then I wanted to stay the same! I hated the way I looked, the way I felt, I had no energy to get through my day. I felt like I had lost who I was and I needed to make a change! That change started with a commitment to completing the Beachbody 21 Day Fix and Shakeology, to change my eating habits and to start creating a healthier lifestyle for myself and family. It didn't happen overnight that's for sure. It took time, hard work, determination, will power and drive to change old habits, resist temptation and to learn a new way of cooking meals and living my life. I lost 25 pounds in 3 months and have never looked back. I fell in love with the growth that I had made as an individual and became a Coach and later a Certified Personal Trainer. I share my journey and encourage others to lead healthier lives. I enjoy working out with other people because it is motivating! You can feed off of each other’s energy! And often push yourself harder than you would working out alone. I loved attending group fitness classes so much, I thought, I might as well teach them. So I did!

My main mission is to promote, maintain and restore healthy living habits by encouraging people of all ages to be the best version of themselves, both inside and out!! I started instructing Fitness Rebels almost 2 years ago and love every second of it!

As a group fitness instructor for the last 2 years, I can personally attest to the unparalleled and pivotal role that instructors play in the world of health and fitness. I am able to reach so many people through one class experience, which gives me the ability to make a greater impact on improving the health and wellness of our nation and the world."

Favorite workout song: Fighter by Katie Perry
Favorite cheat meal: chocolate chip cookies!