Disability Accommodations Requests

Disability Accommodation Requests
Frederick County Parks and Recreation embraces the opportunity to support individuals with disabilities and enable them to fully participate in our general recreation programs of their choice. We are able to offer reasonable accommodations, such as sign language interpreters, large print, and support staff* to individuals with disabilities on an as needed basis to assist in making the program a positive experience for the individual. Reasonable accommodations are based on each individual’s abilities and needs. 

What is considered a reasonable accommodation?

To learn more about what is considered a reasonable accommodation, please read the Reasonable Accommodations document.

Request an Accommodation

The Accommodation Request Form should be filled out and returned at least two weeks prior to the program start date. One form should be filled out per program enrolled in. The accommodation is not guaranteed, but we will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations on an individual basis.

*If the individual has their own personal companion, who they would prefer to have accompany them to a program, please email cfeudale@frederickcountymd.gov

Disability Accommodation Request Form 

Return forms via emailcfeudale@frederickcountymd.gov

Return forms via mail: 
Frederick County Parks and Recreation, Attn: Calli Feudale, 355 Montevue Lane, Suite 100, Frederick MD, 21702 

Return forms in person: Drop off at the Frederick County Parks and Recreation Office, 355 Montevue Lane, Suite 100, Frederick MD, 21702

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  1. Calli Feudale, Recreation Supervisor

    Ph: 301-600-2197