Return to Parks

Whether you have an existing shelter reservation, or would like to request a shelter reservation, we are asking all groups to submit a completed Return to Parks & Special Request Application

Once you receive approval of your Return to Parks Special Request, with any modifications, and have a valid permit in hand, you will be allowed to "Return to Parks" in Frederick County picnic shelters.

If you have any questions about any current reservations you may have, please contact the office Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm, by calling 301-600-1646 or emailing

Frederick County Return to Parks Guidelines:

    • The number of participants to each shelter/facility should be kept low enough to ensure proper physical distancing at all times as set by the Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery guidance.
    • Hosts should provide hand sanitizing opportunities. 
    • Face Coverings should be encouraged in addition to physical distancing.
    • Those in the at risk categories, including those age 60+, should consider not attending.
    • Anyone who does not feel well, or has a family member that is ill, should not attend.
Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation reserves the right to cancel reservations in the event that it is determined there is an increase in COVID-19 cases

PLEASE NOTE: These are only guidelines and those with reservations must ensure that all State of Maryland and Frederick County, Maryland orders are being followed pertaining to physical distancing minimums, face coverings, and sanitizing. 

Governor's Executive Order Number 21-03-09-01
Frederick County Board of Health Regulation 3/23/2021
CDC Guidance for Park Use