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Park Update: August 8, 2022

We’re only a few days away from re-opening Middletown Community Park! 

This 79 acre park has taken approximately 2 years, from design to construction, to complete. 

New facilities and amenities within the park include

  • 2 new picnic shelters 
  • 2 new ballfields 
  • 1 new restroom building 
  • 4 new fountains in the pond 

Rehabbed or replaced facilities and amenities include

  • 2 new playgrounds 
  • 4 ballfields 
  • 1 basketball court 
  • 1 volleyball court 
  • Dredged pond 
  • Resurfaced trail, parking lot, and roadways 
  • 1 new concrete stage 
  • Renovation of the existing restroom 
  • Renovation of utility lines 
  • Renovation of shelter #2 
  • Renovation of the maintenance shop

We look forward to reopening the park to the community this Saturday, August 13th at 9am. 

Hope to see you there!

Park Update: May 18, 2022pump track

COMING SOON... a Skate Spot and Pump Track, opening this Fall! 

The new skate spot will be located near the entrance of the park, off of Coblentz Road.

Additional Information

Middletown bulletin boardsPark Update: April 25, 2022

Construction crews have been very busy this month getting the park ready to open. 

Here’s what they’ve been up to: 

  • New concrete stage 
  • New Little League field 
  • Paving along roads and parking lots 
  • New restrooms 
  • Renovation of existing restrooms 
  • Renovated concrete pad at shelter #2 
  • Renovated the sand volleyball court 
  • Utility lines and poles removed at new multipurpose field

Middletown bulletin boardsPark Update: April 4, 2022

We’re getting started on the finishing touches in the park! A few improvements you’ll notice include: 

  • New guardrail along the Coblentz Road Park entrance 
  • Final grading around the new Shelter #5 
  • Bulletin boards for informational brochures 
  • Patching of the main park road 
  • Finished the site for new restroom building 
  • Added LED lighting for new additional parking 
  • New fencing, backstop, concrete pad, player benches, and bleachers for the new Little League Field #7 
  • Four new pond fountains 
  • New paved trail along the main park road and pond 
  • New concrete pad for Shelter #2 
  • New roof to the restroom building We’re so close to being done so stay tuned to find out when you can come back!

Park Update: Feb. 17, 2022Middletown Park

Winter has not stopped the progress in Middletown Park. Over the past few months, contractors have been working to keep this project on schedule, even with the threat of winter weather. 

The new amphitheater and shelter pads have been poured and picnic tables are in place under Shelter 2. Both playground units are now complete and are open for children to enjoy! We’ve also replaced all trash and recycling cans with plastic containers and added more first come, first serve picnic table pads to enjoy a quick snack after visiting the playground. 

Updates to the Disc Golf course will come after all other projects have been completed so, look for improvements in the Spring of 2022! 

We’re so excited to welcome you back into some of Middletown Park with the use of the playgrounds but, we would like to remind you that contractors are still actively working in the park each day so use caution when visiting!

Any questions about this project can be directed to our Deputy Director at

Park Update: Nov. 18, 2021Middletown Disc Golf

Following the development and rehabilitation project, Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation will be updating the existing disc golf target baskets and creating more challenging course in the spring of 2022!

This 18-hole course will remain a mixture of open area, and in between small trees with 2 ways to play. While the exact layout has not been determined yet, the Red course will be fit for an amateur player and Blue course will be a bit more of a challenge.

Pro Tip: Currently, the course is closed during construction. Before you head back out to the course this spring, take a moment to download our score sheet and check out the course specs on DG Course Review.

We’re nearing the finish line of this project. Our next update will be posted in January, and we are eager to welcome you back into the park March 1, 2022!

Park Update: Nov. 3, 2021Middletown Park

Roughly only 20 percent of Middletown Park’s total acreage are sports fields.

Part of this phase of development includes adding one additional little league field and by the end of the project, the park will be home to 7 fields.
• 2 Multi-Purpose
• 2 Softball
• 1 Baseball
• 2 Little League

Together with our design firm, Human & Rohde, our office has developed standards that help identify proper use and safety measures for our softball, little league, and baseball fields.

Softball fields located in Frederick County Parks are about 2 ½ acres and have 5,218 square feet of infield with 65’ between each base. From the pitching rubber, there is 46’ till the ball reaches home plate and an additional 25’ until the ball reaches the backstop. Each backstop is 35’x17’ and are equipped with about 9’ of hood space.

Little League fields are 2 acres with an infield 6,580 square feet and 60’ between each base. Similar to softball fields, these fields also have a backstop equipped with a hood. However, the backstops are 25’ tall. Pitchers have 46’ before they reach home plate and the catcher has 25’ between him/herself and the backstop.

Baseball fields are 3 acres with 17,845 square feet of infield with 90’ between each base. From the pitching mound, there is 60’ till the ball reaches home plate and an additional 40’ to the backstop. Differing from other fields, baseball field backstops 20’ tall and 68’ in length and they are not equipped with a hood.

We’re almost ready to welcome field users, coaches, players on the field and parents in the stands. Until then, check out a few snapshots at the progress!

Park Update: Oct. 27, 2021Middletown Park Pond

A special thank you to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR)!

Members of the Fresh Water Fisheries Program have been available to offer suggestions and their guidance during the Middletown Park pond dredging project.

Now that it is complete, they were able to stock the pond with approximately 5,000 sunfish. These Bluegill Sunfish were about 1 inch in length and should reach catchable size in the next 1-2 years.

Coming in Spring 2021: Largemouth Bass.

Interested in learning more about what the Fresh Water Fisheries program supports? Maryland Fishing and Boating Services.

Park Update: Oct. 14, 2021Middletown Park Update - 10-14

We’re making progress in Middletown! It’s been a busy few weeks for our contractors as they are progressively working on several projects throughout the park.

So for today’s update, we’re not going to focus on not just one, but four projects!

Shelters 4 & 5 are now under roof and the, “muck” from the pond is now drying and awaiting to be used a natural fertilizer throughout the parks green spaces.

Our Parks crew, who call Middletown Park their headquarters, has a new vehicle equipment building, all while our several of our athletic fields are getting a much needed face lift!

Field 1: New Fencing
Field 2: New Backstop & Players Bench
Field 3: New Backstop and Fencing
Field 5: New Outfield Fencing, Backstop and Players Bench Pad

We’re almost there, Middletown. Soon, you’ll be able to see what the last few months of hard work has done to the park. But, until then keep watch for our next update!

Park Update: Oct. 6, 2021

Ponds age and need a little TLC to maintain their health. The Middletown Park pond was established in April 1985 and has accumulated sediments which decreased water quality as well as limited the recreational use of our pond, AKA fishing!

Due to weather conditions, it took our contractor a few additional weeks to mechanically dredge the pond with excavation equipment. Contracted staff used backhoes and other equipment to dig out from under the sludge to find new soil!

The sediment removed from the pond contained a mixture of organic materials such as leaves, fish and bird waste, and algae.

A total of 4,000 cubic yards, enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool, of, “muck” was removed from the bottom of the pond and is now drying on site before it is used as a natural fertilizer.

Many aquatic animals call our pond their home and our contactors provided them with a temporary habitat while the work was being completed.

Now that the dredging is complete, we’re doubling the amount of fountains installed to encourage aeration and increase the overall health of the pond!

Planning is underway to remove the wooden stage and replace it with a concrete platform.

We’re almost ready to welcome you back on our pond bank, until then please check out this firsthand photo reel of before, during, and after!

Park Update: Sept. 30, 2021Playgrounds

It’s been a busy summer for many of our contractors! They have been steadily working on phase 2 and updating some of our older amenities.

So, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane to help show some of the progress that the contractors have made to bring Middletown Park back on the park map.

Do you remember what the playground used to look like?

The original playground was installed in March of 1996 and with the help of our contractor, brought this playground to the next level with their design.

Construction began in January 2021. Once the units were installed, a bonded rubber surfacing was poured into place and fencing went up!

Now, over 4,000 square feet of play space with a synthetic surface provides physical, sensory, and, social play elements that meet ADA standards! Both units exceed the required amount of accessible elevated & ground-level activities and ground-level play types and we’re excited to welcome children back onto the playground as soon as the park reopens.

So, it’s time for a little sneak peek!

Park Update: Mar. 31, 2021Middletown Shelter Sign

We’re adding two more shelters to Middletown Park as part of the development phase. The shelters, each 1750 square feet, will be located on the opposite side of the pond. Each pavilion will have picnic tables, 20 amp. Breakers, lighting, and two charcoal grills.

With the addition of these shelters, that will bring the total number of shelters welcoming reservations to five at this park!

If you wish to enjoy a quick lunch near the pond, an asphalt trail will lead you to open greenspace with a first come, first served picnic table and plenty of space to enjoy the pond views.

For more details on how to reserve a picnic shelter, click here!

Park Update: Mar. 24, 2021Lighting Example

For those of you who love to enjoy the park in the evenings, street lighting will also be a part of this park rehab project! Project developers focused on the 2 E’s for this upgrade, efficient and environment!

Lighting throughout the park will be replaced with new Light Emitting Diode, also known as LED bulbs, which is one of the most energy-efficient light technologies available today.

But, what makes them so efficient and environmentally friendly? LED lighting emits less heat, does not contain mercury, has a longer useful life, and does not contain mercury. Its ability to use a semiconductor to convert electricity into light makes them up to seven more times efficient but still brighter than incandescent lights. Light from LED blubs are easily focused in a single direction which will allow more light to reach the surface.

Directional lighting aids, such as a Polycarbonate Lens, will light only where it’s needed and prevent illuminating areas that are outside the desired location. So, stay tuned because there will be brighter days ahead!

Park Update: Mar. 10, 2021Middletown Pond

One of the focal points of Middletown Park, the pond, was not forgotten during the planning of the rehab project. To increase water quality, the pond will be dredged and a new aerator system will be installed.

For today’s update, let’s focus on dredging.

• What is it?
• How is it done?
• What are the ecological benefits?
• What will happen to the fish?

Well, dredging is the removal of accumulated bottom sediments, aka “muck”, in a body of water. Lake and ponds go through a feasibility study first to determine if the body of water will benefit from the sediment removal. Several key benefits include removing toxic or nutrient-rich sediments, improving fish habitats, restoring access for leisure activities-like fishing, and let’s not forget improving the overall water quality!

Contractors will mechanically dredge Middletown Pond in 2 phases. They will create a safe temporary habitat on one side of the pond while they work to remove the sediment. Once the side is complete, the fish will be guided to the other side to repeat the process. Because the sediment removed is nutrient dense, once it is dry it becomes a great natural fertilizer. So, it will be put to good use throughout the park to enrich green spaces.

Park Update: Mar. 4, 2021Middletown Ball Fields

Middletown Park in one of the oldest in the county park system. So, the current ball fields were in need of a little TLC.

The four existing fields; 2 softball fields, 1 baseball field, and 1 little league field, are all being re-graded.

Each infield will be adjusted by either removing or filling in dirt.

This will allow players a more level surface to play ball!

Park Update: Feb. 24, 2021Middletown Trees

Landscape plans are created to ensure that each park meets bioretention standards as well as provide shade and natural landscaped areas with native species.

Trees that were removed last fall had compromised root systems, greater than 25%, and ran the risk of not thriving this spring. However, the landscape plan calls for over 70 to be placed throughout the park, with 66% of them categorized as shade trees.

These trees will be planted in the fall because prime planting season occurs when trees are dormant. This allows them to be rooted before the spring blooming season and provides them with optimal growth opportunities.

Park Update: Feb. 17, 2021Middletown Playground

Playgrounds have come a long way since the current units were installed at Middletown Park. So, it’s time for an upgrade! By the end of this project, both areas will feature new units, surfacing, fencing, and more!

Play structures near the pond will be installed soon, as the contractor has already begun to remove old equipment.

The new playground will feature two units, one for ages 2-5 and one for ages 5-12, so that families can play together in a fenced, safe area. It will be ADA compliant with a bonded, smooth surface and multiple accessible ground level activities and play areas.

Bridges and climbers will lead children to elevated play decks, slides, and even allow them to have a bird’s-eye view of the park courtesy of a telescope!

Park Update: Feb. 10, 2021Middletown Park Basketball Court

What happened to the Basketball court? Well, it is getting a much needed face-lift as part of this project.

The new court will receive a stone base, asphalt, painted lines, and new posts and rims.

Currently, the court has a new stone base in place. Next, footers will be dug and the new Basketball poles will be set into place.

What you may not see completed for a while is the new surface and game lines. Why? Paving is one of the last items to complete when working a large development project!

Park Update: Feb. 3, 2021Middletown Park
Please pardon the appearance of Middletown Park, the next phase of development is well underway!

This next stage will include both new amenities and updates to current ones and is scheduled to be completed by fall 2021.

So Middletown, it’s time to get excited for new playgrounds, pavilions, pond features, park signage, and sports fields!

Follow along with us here as we share weekly project photos and updates.

This project will include the following: Middletown Site Plan


  • A new soccer / football field, and Little League field on eastern side of park
  • New parking lot
  • New restroom building
  • Two new shelters


  • Pond dredging and pond bank erosion protection
  • Repair/resurfacing of roadway, trails and parking lots
  • Replace bleach and athletic field concrete pads/walkways
  • Pave Maintenance Shop yard
  • Replace roofing on Concession Stand and Maintenance Shop
  • Replace electrical systems
  • Replace truck/equipment shed and wood shop buildings and install bulk storage bins
  • Replace Maintenance Yard, backstops and outfield fencing
  • Replace water fountains, valve vaults and water piping
  • Rehab/upgrade existing restrooms
  • Replace street and parking lot lighting
  • Install security lighting/cameras in shop yard