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Community Grants Program

  1. Frederick County, through its Parks and Recreation Commission, has established a grant program for eligible non-profit community organizations that provide funds for recreational facilities and programs. To determine if your organization qualifies for the Community Grant Program, please answer the following questions.

  2. Location*

    Is your proposed project located on land that is owned by Federal, State, Municipality or Frederick County?

  3. Accessibility*

    Will your project, once completed, be readily accessible and available to the general public during reasonable hours?

  4. Project Completion*

    Have you already completed/built the project you are considering for this program?

  5. Funding*

    Will you be using funding from this program to acquire tools or maintenance equipment?

  6. Project Quality*

    Will your project be a newly constructed, expanded or major renovated facility with a lifespan of at least 10 years?

  7. Please provide a brief description of the project you are proposing

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