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Recreation Council Official Sanctioned Programs/Activities

  1. In an effort to establish allocation priority for each of your programs prior to the annual field scheduling meeting in December, and hopefully to expedite the process, the Division of Parks and Recreation requests that each council identify all sanctioned recreation council programs.

  2. For clarification purposes, a sanctioned recreation council program is a program that is directly associated with, and under the authority of, a particular recreation council. Independent organizations affiliated with a member on the council board, or simply sponsored by a particular council, would not be considered a sanctioned council program.

  3. Characteristics of non-sanctioned recreation council programs may include: a separate decision-making board independent of the council, or not under the authority of the council board; an independent bank account for a specific program; and/or a separate organization title. Any programs associated with your council with these characteristics would not receive the priority associated with the volunteer recreation council, and should not be included in your listing.

  4. Field Use*

    Will your council be requesting Frederick County Parks and Recreation athletic fields for council sanctioned programs in the upcoming year?

  5. The Division thanks you for all of your continued efforts, and we appreciate your understanding and assistance with this process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 301-600-2353 or by email at

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