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Drop-In Participant Registration

  1. I will be participating in drop-in activities during the current school year at the following park/school locations – check all that apply*

  2. Waiver of Liability*

    By my signature below, I acknowledge that there are inherent risks and dangers associated with recreation program/s and therefore, I hold Frederick County Maryland harmless from all claims for injuries, damage, or loss which may result from my, or my child(ren)’s participation in this program.

      1. Code of Conduct*

        I will: Treat other participants with respect at all times. Get along with, and cooperate with, other participants. Never use profanity. Never physically hurt another participant or staff member. Treat the staff with respect at all times. Listen and follow all given instructions/directions from the staff. Ask the staff to explain any rules I do not understand. Use the equipment only for the purpose it is intended. Respect the facility. Participate in a safe manner at all times. Participate to the best of my ability. If I cannot participate according to this Code of Conduct, then depending on the seriousness of the offense(s), any or all of the following consequences may occur: Verbal Warning Removal from activity/time-out Parent notification Suspension from the program (no refund, full or partial, of registration fee) Expulsion from the program (no refund, full or partial, of registration fee) I have read the Code of Conduct and agree to follow it.

          1. Authorization for use of Photographic Likeness*

            I agree to allow Frederick County Parks and Recreation to take and utilize photos, slides, and video images of the participant(s) listed below for the purpose of promotion and publicizing of the Division’s programs and/or events. If I prefer to not allow the below registered individual(s) to be photographed, I will call 301-600-1684 to register my request.

              1. Concussion Awareness*

                In compliance with Maryland HB 858 and SB771, I hereby acknowledge that I have received the information regarding concussions published by the United States Division of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and have shared this information with my child(ren) or athlete(s). For additional information I understand that I may go to

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