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Private Lesson Request Form

  1. Filling out this form does not guarantee that you will receive private swim lessons. Lessons will be scheduled based on the availability of an instructor and appropriate pool time. Private and semiprivate lessons are sold in blocks of four lessons,30 minutes each lesson. Semiprivate lessons will be provided for no more than two swimmers who must be at the same skill level and roughly the same age (ie: preschool,youth, teen, adult).

  2. Private Lesson per Participant: $125

  3. Semi-Private Lesson per Participant: $100/swimmer

  4. Once form is complete, The private lesson coordinator will contact you upon receipt of the request. We will do our best to get lessons started within a two week time frame and expect that a block of lessons will be completed within a six week time frame.

  5. If completing this form for a child, the parent's name

  6. Gender

  7. Interested In

  8. (i.e. fear of water/ deep water)

  9. Instructor preference

  10. Complete if you know a specific instructor you want to do the lessons with. Otherwise, leave blank. This does not imply that we will be able to assign the above instructor(s). Instructors are assigned according to the times they are available, pool space, and needs of the swimmer .

  11. Please list days of the week and times the swimmer is available for lessons.

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