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Recreation Center Birthday Party Request

  1. Please note: Completing this form does not guarantee a birthday party reservation or availability. This form is only a Reservation Request.

  2. To make a reservation for a recreation center and/or gym for a child's birthday, please complete the form below. Please note: Reservations are for 2 hours. Choose a date and time and our staff will be in contact with you to confirm your request and to take payment. The cost is $120 to reserve the rec room and an additional $50 if you would also like to reserve the gym. you must reserve the rec room in order to reserve the gym).

  3. Rec Center birthday party reservations include facility rental, on-site facility supervisor, 2 cafeteria tables, and clean up. Rental of the gymnasium includes use of sports equipment. You may bring your own decorations, games, refreshments, etc.)

  4. Recreation Center Requesting*

  5. Reservations are for 2-hours

  6. max # of children is 30

  7. Reserve Gym?*

    The gym is an additional $50

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