Aquatics & Swim Lessons

Frederick County Public Schools and Frederick County Parks and Recreation offers American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety programs, combining the best in swim instruction with an even stronger emphasis on drowning prevention and water safety... ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the water safely, regardless of age or skill level.

Fact Sheets and Skills Charts:

Swim classes available through Frederick County Public Schools and Frederick County Parks & Recreation at Walkersville and Middletown High School Pools.


Walkersville High School Pool
81 West Frederick Street
Walkersville, MD 21793

Middletown High School Pool
200 Schoolhouse Drive
Middletown, MD 21769


Register online now or call 301-600-2936.


Class enrollment is strictly regulated in order to provide proper teacher/student ratios. Once a class is filled, no one else will be allowed to register. You may be placed on a waiting list at no cost. If an opening occurs, the first person on the waiting list will be contacted. This does not mean a place will be saved for the participants. Participants on the waiting list are not to come to the first day of class. The pool supervisors reserve the right to move participants from the class they originally enrolled in if there is room and the move merits the best interest of the student. Participants should be aware that every effort to provide a makeup class will be made in the case of cancellations, not the cause of vacation/illness etc.

Student/Teacher Ratio

A student/teacher ratio which provides good safety and instruction is vital to our programs. We strive to maintain a 5:1 ratio for preschool classes, a 6:1 ratio for levels 1-3, and 10:1 ratio in levels 4-5. We cannot guarantee these numbers. Instructors may vary.


Cut-off shorts, thongs, street clothes, and sweatpants are prohibited in the pool. Shirts may be worn over appropriate swimming attire. Children that are not toilet trained are required to wear approved swim diapers. 

Cancellations/Weather Policy

Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment, mechanical breakdown, low air or water temperature, or schedule change. Every effort to alert you to these cancellations will be made. Frederick County law states that the pool deck must be cleared during thunder and lightning storms. At the first sight of lightning or sound of thunder, the pool will be immediately evacuated. Swimmers will not be allowed to return to the pool until 30 minutes after the last occurrence of thunder or lightning. Every attempt will be made to continue through the scheduled practice when the weather clears.

Lesson Observation

Please remember all swim instructors are American Red Cross certified with high standards. Please allow them to teach without distraction. A parent seating area will be provided. If you have a concern please wait until the class ends and discuss your concern with the instructor. We strongly encourage parents, if they feel comfortable, to bring kids to swim lessons and exit the pool area until the class is close to ending. 

Swimming Lessons

Which Level is right for my child?

Level 1 is for beginners with little or no experience in the water. To enroll into levels 2-6, students must have completed or at least be able to confidently demonstrate the skills listed in the previous level, including the exit skill requirements. Visit our site to learn more:

How many lessons does my child need?

Learning skills varies among children. Readiness is influenced by physical development, previous experiences, home environment, parental attitudes, and individual preferences. For most skills, there are simply prerequisites; activities and lead-ups that can prepare the child to perform those skills. It may take many lessons before a child can swim independently. Year round practice, regular (supervised) exposure to water and positive encouragement are ways parents can help their child to progress. To make sure your child does learn to swim well, be sure they complete the entire learn-to-swim program.

American Red Cross Swim App

Get the most out of Red Cross swim lessons with the Swim App. Created as a companion to the newly-updated Learn-to-Swim program (including Preschool Aquatics), this app will help you keep your swimmer motivated, while providing you the latest in water safety guidance to help ensure your family stays safe in, on and around the water.