Barrier Free Playgrounds

Boundless Playgrounds
Two Frederick County park playgrounds employ the design concept of the Boundless Playgrounds. The idea behind barrier free is simple, make the playground accessible for all abilities. Modifications are made to play equipment, walking surfaces, and other equipment in the park so everyone can play together. Looking at one of these playgrounds at a glance, one may not notice the difference. Taking a closer look however, one will notice that every child, no matter the ability, can reach the highest play level. They will also notice that the swings and bounce equipment have back supports and the ground consists of material that adapts to anyone and everyone that would like to play.

The 2 parks that have these state of the art playgrounds are at Pinecliff Park and Ballenger Creek Park. Pinecliff Park’s playground has a rubberized play surface. This playground is located off of the first road to the right, after entering the park. Ballenger Creek Park also has a similar playground with a wood carpet play surface. The playground is located off of the second road to the right, after entering the park.

We encourage the use of these playgrounds by the physically challenged, as well as our other park users.
Ballenger Creek Park
Pinecliff Park