Quarry Pond

The park’s 1 1/2 acre limestone quarry, part of the Gore formation in the Glade Valley of Frederick County, is now filled with water and is estimated to be approximately 25 feet deep. The quarry provided limestone for the Fountain Rock kilns and stone crusher for nearly 80 years. A channeled stream and various natural wildlife habitats are found at this site.

The Quarry Deck

The quarry boardwalk and deck was constructed in 2000. The deck gives park visitors the opportunity to become close to nature. Great Blue Herons, Black Crowned Night Herons, Canada Geese, Ducks, and numerous songbirds are frequently observed. Sightings of migrating species have also been reported. Several species of turtles and fish are year-round residents of the quarry pond.

For visitors who wish to feed the pond life, feeders are placed seasonally outside the entrance to the nature center. For a small fee, these feeders dispense food that is nutritionally appropriate for wildlife, unlike bread or picnic scraps. It is strongly discouraged that visitors feed any human food to our resident wildlife.

Fishing is not allowed at this location.