Park History

Chronological History

1724 - 1746
37,000 acres in Frederick County were purchased by Daniel Dulany (the Elder) known as Dulan's Lot.
Captain William Campbell of Annapolis obtained 561 acres and named it Campbell's Camp.
Ownership unclear.
Adam Diehl purchased 395-acre mansion house farm from George and Cornelia Potts for approximately $38,000.
1857 - 1867
Industrial limestone quarry and kiln complex developed.
Frederick Branch of the Pennsylvania railroad passed through the farm.
Eight pot bank of kilns was built, and quarrying began.
Adam Diehl, Sr. sold 139 acres of land to son-in-law Milton Zimmerman. Adam Diehl, Sr. conveyed 15 acres of land to Adam Diehl, Jr. The 15 acres of land was known as the Lime Kiln property.
Adam Diehl, Jr. sold the Lime Kiln property with additions (now 20 acres) to John W. Stimmel for $2,000.
July, 1907
21 acres of quarry and kiln was sold from John W. Stimmel to Leonard E. Barrick for $20,000.
September, 1907
Leonard E. Barrick (20 acres) and Milton Zimmerman (2 acres) sold to Fountain Rock Lime Company for $28,000.
Wilson T. Carmack (age 16) leased Fountain Rock Spring Pond for growing water cress.
February 20, 1928
Fountain Rock Lime Company conveyed to James E. Stoner and William E. Powell for $15,100.
May 7, 1946
J. E. and Hazel M. Stoner and William D. and Katherine T. Powell conveyed the operation to Samuel Lehman and John W. Quynn, Fountain Rock Lime and Brick Co.
July 1, 1957
John W. Quynn leased all of Fountain Rock Spring and the banks adjacent to Wilson T. Carmack who had been renting land covered by water and the banks, to John T. Quynn and Lee M. Buchanan, trading as Fountain Rock Trout Farm.
Lease renewed to John T. Quynn and Lee M. Buchanan.
September 25, 1961
Lease was canceled due to the sale of land to City of Walkersville for $65,310.
Walkersville backed out of sale.
September, 1962
Contract canceled.
August 18, 1963
Fountain Rock Lime and Brick to Fountain Rock Corporation ($55,000).
Fountain Rock Corporation to McKendree Fulks.
McKendree Fulks to Frederick County ($485,000).
 August 1987Alice Nemitsas presents the proposal for Fountain Rock Park to the Board of County Commissioners.
November 4, 1991
Fountain Rock Park master plan approved.
Stabilization of Battery of Lime Kilns.
Summer 2000
Construction of Quarry Deck.
Fall / Spring 2007
Restoration of Log House in cooperation with National Park Service.
Summer 2008
Final phase and construction of Fountain Rock Park.