Outreach & In-Class Program

Outreach & In-Class Programs
Rose Hill Manor offers the following as off-site programs:
  • Cost: Group rates will apply plus an additional $50 fee. (Additional fees may apply to out-of-county locations)
  • Programs are designed to be interactive, incorporating hands-on learning
  • Programs typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Reservations must be made at least 30 days in advance
  • To reserve your program, please call 301-600-1646
Rose Hill History - The Property & People
Learn about the individuals who conquered the land to make Rose Hill their home. Discover their roles in agriculture and business and learn about the events they witnessed such as the Civil War. We’ll learn about how to trace these stories for your own family and discuss how the museum works everyday to preserve the memory of Rose Hill’s former residents.

Toys & Games of the Past
We’ll learn about toys and games in the past as we investigate items from the Rose Hill collection. Explore the materials from which toys were made and discover how they are similar and different from your own toys and games. Students will have the opportunity to play with some of the toys and games from the Rose Hill Manor hands-on collection.

How It’s Made: Making Yarn, Clothes & Household Goods
Before there was GAP or JcPenney clothes were made at home. Discover how our ancestors used raw and natural materials to make and dye their own yarns. Learn how they created their own clothes and other household goods such as rugs and blankets. Students will have the opportunity to card wool and practice weaving.

Colonial Cooking

Cooking in colonial times was not over a stove but an open fire. Learn about the instruments and tools used to prep foods and cook on a hearth and discover some of our ancestors’ favorite foods. Students will use graters for spices and grind other ingredients using a mortar and pestle.

Colonial Gardening
Gardens were an essential part of every colonial household as a source for food, medicine and beauty. We’ll explore the types of plants and styles of gardens used by our ancestors. Students will learn about the uses of various plants as they examine dried plants and seeds from the Rose Hill gardens.

Traveling Before There Were Cars
Before the Mustang and the Hummer folks used a horse and carriage to get from place to place. We’ll explore types of roadways in early Frederick County, view images of carriages from the Rose Hill Carriage collection, and play our own version of Load the Wagon.