Preschool Field Trips

The following programs have been developed to spark the imagination and curiosity of all young children. Through the use of games, songs, puppets, colorful storybooks, active conversation, and the nature center animals themselves, the children absorb information about the world around them. They are invited to interact with the park naturalist and find enjoyment through each learning lesson.
  • Ages: 3-5 years
  • Program length: 90 minutes
  • Minimum: 10 
  • Maximum: 80 (with some flexibility)
  • Chaperones required: 1 chaperone per 15 students
  • Cost: $4.50 per person 
Call the Park Naturalist at 301-600-2051 to discuss the program content or to create a program specifically for your class.

Program Descriptions

Catoctin Creek Snake

Awesome Animals

Students discover the primary similarities and differences of several classes of animals (mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, insect and arachnid). They will learn the basic needs, such as: food, water, shelter, space, and habitat. Includes exploratory walk and outdoor activity, weather permitting. 
Preschool Program Participant
Going Buggy
Discover some of the amazing things that insects can do! They will learn about complete & incomplete lifecycles with a focus on the stages of metamorphosis. Meet our resident creepy-crawly friends and go for a bug hunt out on the trail.
Catoctin Creek Turtle
Rascally Reptiles                                 
Turtles, snakes & lizards all live here at the Nature Center. Come and discover what makes them so special. What do they eat? Where do they live in the wild? Why are people afraid of some but love others? Afterward we can go out on the trail for a reptile scavenger hunt.
Catoctin Creek Environment
Sensory Trail Field Trip
Students will explore & learn about our local forest plants & animals using their senses. Activities include a guided walk along our 0.1 mile interpretive sensory trail and four hands on learning stations. Students will listen & identify different animals & plants by the sound they make, the color of their feathers, the touch of their fur, the smell of their leaves etc.
In-School Presentations
Programs with an asterisk are also available as an in-school presentation. These include: live animal presentations and interactive nature activities. The program fee will include the cost of the program plus a $50 transportation fee.