Activity Trail Introduction

Welcome to the Ballenger Creek Trail, where your adventure begins!  

Whether taking a stroll, training for a 5K, or taking a trail ride on your bike, you can add another level to your experience.  

Below are plants, animals, and some objects that can be found along the trail, so take your shot to see if you can spot all listed below.  

Along the trail will be QR codes to provide more information on some of the creatures and plants of the local habitat. Be safe and have fun exploring.

Are you an I SPOT champion?  Let’s test your observation skills as you set off on your adventure.

Download checklist here

  1. Dragonfly/Damselfly
  2. Crayfish
  3. White tailed deer
  4. Chipmunk
  5. Groundhog
  6. Common milkweed
  7. Dogbane
  8. Hackberry tree
  9. American sycamore tree
  10. Eastern black walnut
  11. Northern cardinal
  12. Eastern bluebird
  13. Red-winged blackbird
  14. Northern mockingbird
  15. Bike Repair Station
  16. Bench
  17. Dog Waste station
  18. Bridge