Many of Frederick County Parks have trails, paved or unpaved, designed for the use of the community. The size and type of trail varies with each park, but all are maintained by Frederick County Parks.

Unpaved nature trails are perfect for leisurely strolls and observing the flora and fauna, unique to each location. Other trails, primarily the paved walks, are a favorite with those members of the community who prefer to exercise in the open air.

As with all amenities in our parks, Frederick County makes every attempt to meet the needs of a diverse community.
View all trails on our Interactive Trail Map.
Location Paved/Unpaved Miles
Paved 4.2
Unpaved/Nature 0.7
  Paved 0.7
Unpaved/Nature 2.2
  Paved 0.5
Unpaved/Nature 0.5
  Paved 0.4
Unpaved/Nature 1.3
  Paved 0.5
Unpaved/Nature 2.4
  Paved 0.3
Loy's Station Paved 0.3
Paved 0.4
  Unpaved/Nature 0.3
Unpaved/Nature 0.4
  Paved 0.9
Paved 1.8
  Equestrian Trail 2.2
Pt of Rocks Community Park Paved 0.25
Unpaved/Nature 1.3
Paved 0.25
Paved 1.2
Unpaved/Nature 1.0
  Paved 2.8